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Frequently occurring disorders:

Allergy, skin & itching Renal failure Hernia Liver Older pets
Allergy, respiratory Cushing's disease Hip dysplasie Lung, bronchial tubes Prostatitis
Allergy, food Demodex Bursitis Vomiting, diarrhoea Motion sickness
Allergy, fleas Epilepsy Muscle/ tendon Colitis Thyroid
Colloidal Silver Gall stones, choleliths Spondylosis Gastritis Diabetes mellitus
Anal glands Behaviour Dry skin Constipation Inflammation of the gums
Bladder crystals Cartilage formation Baldness, alopecia Rhinotracheitis Flea, lice & tick
Bladder infection (Cystitis) Hindfoot/ back Wet skin Eye infection Reproduction
Bladder stones Arthrosis/ arthritis Wet skin/ itching Ear mite (Otodectes cynotis) Sexual drive/ libido
Incontinence Elbow dysplasia Immune system Ear infection False pregnancy
Kidney stones Growing Pains (Enostosis) Kennel cough Ear cleaner Warts